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A full-stack service for anyone looking to share in the world’s fastest-growing industry, Bitcoin Mining



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Asicminerz servers have particularly strong performance
due to their premium components, professional installation,
and optimal balance between hardware and software.
All of our Bitcoin miners are expertly installed and thoroughly
tested by our team of established server engineers before being delivered to you.

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We provide a full-stack service for anyone looking to share in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, Bitcoin Mining. From the purchase of server machines, to their commissioning, and all the answers to subsequent financial questions.


Cryptominers for home mining


Bitcoin mining
hardware distribution

Trusted distributor
for market-leading brands

Cheap electricity

Our efficient and direct power plant connections enable energy charges far below the current market price.

Servicing and Maintenance

We ensure the preservation of the machines hosted at our company with our own experienced team of engineers and seamless warranty claim management.

Legal and financial advice

We provide our clients with comprehensive tax, legal, and financial advice and will be by their side to assist them in any of these areas, helping them to achieve rapid success.

Fleet management

Experienced supervision and consulting of our clients' machine park management to ensure it is operating safely, optimally, and efficiently.

Hosting services

Instant server purchases
for our leading Bitcoin mining solutions


Full-stack service

We provide a full-stack service for anyone looking to share in one of the world’s fastest growing industries, Bitcoin Mining. Our service portfolio covers everything from the purchase and operation of server machines, through to the provision of cheap energy direct from our power plant connections, and expert advice on the best and most valuable uses of mined Bitcoin as well as important tax advice.
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